1st blog post – I’m Wondering…

I wonder. Always.  About everything.

Mind never stops.   I wonder if this is how your brain works as well?  I hear sentences come out of my mouth and there are words included I didn’t realize were in my vocabulary.  Again, I wonder, does this happen to everyone?

I’m curious about blogging.  Who’s writing these things?  What are they writing about?  How many blog posts have been written that no one has ever read? Is there a record for the most consecutive days of blogging?   Does anybody care?   I wonder.

I believe one must put their wonderings and curiosities to the  test.  Find out firsthand.

So that’s why I’m here.   Because I was wondering.  And I want to find out.  Firsthand.  Maybe I’ll get answers to a few of my wonderings.

7 thoughts on “1st blog post – I’m Wondering…

  1. I, too, by virtue by wondering, come out with words and thoughts that I had no idea were there…that is the magic of communicating freely–and I love that blogging allows for freedom of expression…I encourage you to keep communicating and finding the gems inside of you….I really relate to your quest to connect and find answers and to feel free to do so…wishing you joy and peace 🙂

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