Acknowledging Humanity

Companies often express the sentiment that culture is critical to success.  There is much talk about the war for talent.  We hear that people are the top priority.

If these statements are true, then I wonder why I still encounter, on a fairly frequent basis, the strange experience of passing colleagues in the hall, saying hello while passing, and getting absolutely no response in return.  How did these people “pass the test” for cultural fit?

I find it astounding that a person would disregard a coworker who says hello. Zero response.  No acknowledgement.  I think it’s rude, and shows a complete lace of emotional IQ.

Isn’t this a fair and reasonable expectation that people at least acknowledge humanity?  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Acknowledging Humanity

  1. Cordial acknowledgement is the least one would hope for…it is a sad commentary that people can be so distracted(?), dismissive(?), careless(?) that common courtesy is not a priority–let alone, a lack of warm connection. Sorry to hear that you’ve experienced this enough for it to be playing on your mind…I know what that kind of disconnection feels like…so, “Hi, my name is Truly, and I am soooooo happy that you took the time to follow my blog and “like” my posts. Your blog is great and your kindness is making a difference. 🙂 “

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  2. I would not like to defend the people you are criticising as it is justified that you expect response from your greetings but should you also consider factors such as workload stress or personal problems or even emotional state affecting the courtesy of someone. However, I also think that a hello should nevertheless be replied.

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