… is easy in the moment, and crushing over time.

It’s an act of pure selfishness, spewing your rage and venom on those unfortunate enough to be nearby.  Punishment by proximity.

Anger steals your joy, shrivels your ability to be grateful and destroys your soul.

Oh to be free from the demon that is anger.  How is always the question…


2 thoughts on “Anger…

  1. I have been discussing anger atm on one of my blog posts. I feel it is based on frustration such as not being heard or listened to, or stemming from fear. You are right that it steals one’s happiness. It is a self sowing emotion, anger begets more anger and then often depressed feelings or guilt follow closely behind. Recognising the triggers and slowly introducing new ways of processing one’s thoughts is something that may be useful. But it is a habitual response that comes after habitual thoughts. Hard to break.

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  2. Understand its reason and it will set you free. And I don’t mean your reaction to something, I mean the common thread that seems to make that anger appear throughout your life…how do you feel that you are being treated and what are your reactions to that treatment. Look deeper and you will find it is something from your childhood, a way you were treated…rejected, unloved? Is that anger towards someone you loved and looked up to…a parent?
    In there is your answer…understand it and it loses its power over you…and then you are free 🙂

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