What If Everyone Could Read Your Mind? Would They like What They See?

We all have an internal dialogue running constantly in our minds.  Some of it we say out loud, some we filter, some of it… we wonder where it comes from.

Our thoughts can be curious or crazy, dirty or daring.  Our imaginations play across our minds.  But what if the world of people with whom you interact, could read your mind and see your thoughts?  Would they be happy?  Appalled?  Embarrassed?  Intrigued?  Would you even care what they think?

I imagine that a tiny fraction of our thoughts ever make it into circulation.  And that’s probably a good thing.  Wouldn’t you agree?


… is easy in the moment, and crushing over time.

It’s an act of pure selfishness, spewing your rage and venom on those unfortunate enough to be nearby.  Punishment by proximity.

Anger steals your joy, shrivels your ability to be grateful and destroys your soul.

Oh to be free from the demon that is anger.  How is always the question…


Are You Honest? Really?

Does anyone hold to the fact that he or she is in fact honest?  All the time? Really?

There was a time, in my childhood, when the concept of total honesty was believable. Parents insisted on it. Teachers demanded it. Newscasters espoused it.

But in today’s world of online dating, the internet, and digital communication, it seems entirely impossible that anyone could still claim to be honest.  Entirely truthful.

It’s too easy to hide behind the anonymity of the internet, where one can be a little bit taller, a little bit bustier, a little bit sexier with none ever the wiser.  Improved self esteem through deception.

I wonder… does anyone out there still purport to be honest?  All the time?  Even when no one is looking?  Really?