What If Everyone Could Read Your Mind? Would They like What They See?

We all have an internal dialogue running constantly in our minds.  Some of it we say out loud, some we filter, some of it… we wonder where it comes from.

Our thoughts can be curious or crazy, dirty or daring.  Our imaginations play across our minds.  But what if the world of people with whom you interact, could read your mind and see your thoughts?  Would they be happy?  Appalled?  Embarrassed?  Intrigued?  Would you even care what they think?

I imagine that a tiny fraction of our thoughts ever make it into circulation.  And that’s probably a good thing.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Would I Be Envious of Me?

It’s easy to envy, to desire the belongings of others. We envy people with money, with good looks, the happy couple, the people in the front of the line.

I wonder, how many people envy me?  How many people would love  to have the things I have?  If I were in their shoes would I be envious of my life?